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Fear of Flying is energetic and richly layered neo-prog.  Indeed several tracks might prompt you to reach for the "replay" button.

  The singing hovers somewhere in that Collins/Gabriel vein and it's expressive enough, though doesn't seem quite as inspired as the instrumentals.  Many extended passages and three of the nine tracks are all instrumental which clearly is the bands forte-with solid, melodic songwriting that runs from a pleasing mid pace to thick walls of sound, and catchy melodies.  Solid guitar and piano work abound, but most of this music is driven by up-tempo jazzy bass.
  Standout piece "The Battle" is a 10 minute defining statement that runs through well managed tempo shifts.  If your preferences are for instrumentals in this genre, programming your system to play tracks 3,7 and nine back to back will provide a rewarding 21 minutes.
  Fear of Flying has opened for Asia and has played big arenas in home state New York.  Judging by the energy on this disc, it probably puts on a very entertaining live show.-  Duncan Glenday.

John Collinge's Progression Magazine


(With "The Musical Box" at "The Egg" Albany, N.Y.)  The Capital Region’s premier prog-rock band Fear of Flying opened the evening with a brief five-song set of such intricate, but solid original songs as "Windows" and "Beside the Ocean" that sparkled....

Greg Haymes  (Albany Times Union)


(Proctors Theater, Schenectady, N.Y.)  Local band "Fear of Flying" opened the show with a heavy prog-rock-leaning set. They surprised with their power and tightness. I’m guessing they have day jobs, but  they were incredibly tight. What seemed to be outside their musical limits turned out to be exactly where they liked to be. Controlled yet far-reaching, they were a great find for the opener. It’s worth noting that they started before the 8 p.m. start time. So people filing in were treated to their high-flying larger-than-life tunes. Kudos to Proctor’s for doing this....

David Singer  Daily Gazette 

The Fear of Flying CD is great.  Amidst all the simplistic, “three chords and the truth,” reverb sucks, “my garage is more lo-fi than yours” approach to music you hear these days, it’s great to hear some meaty, complex music.  Really cool.
Worth Hawes, WI

The new Fear of Flying release manages to capture melodically, rhythmically and structurally the elements and soundscapes  that made the early prog music pioneers so intriguing. They've added their signature to that, and have created a powerful new vision............Excellent !!

Jeff Cannata ( Oxford Circus )


I am one of the guys on your mailing list. To be honest, I had no idea the level you guys were at. At any rate, just wanted you to know those clips of the music are fantastic, Premonition sounds the most intriguing to me personally. Great stuff! Keep rockin!

"The new album, which is already generating considerable Internet sales in Europe and Asia, features nine original songs, climaxing with the epic, 10-minute-plus "The Battle."
Greg Haymes  (Albany Times Union)


(Fear of Flying at Uncle Sam Jam - Troy, N.Y.)  Saratoga's Fear of Flying performs prog rock in the tradition of Yes, King Crimson and Peter Gabriel. It is a genre of music that only the very technically proficient can attempt. The recently reunited Fear of Flying have not only attempted but succeeded magnificently in capturing the expressive vocals, odd time signatures and sweeping symphonic arrangement that are the hallmarks of progressive music at its ultimate.                                                                      Matt Mac Haffie, The Record


Review of "Fear of Flying" opening for "The Musical Box" at Proctors Theater, Schenectady N.Y.

Fear Of Flying, a local progressive act opened the show. A 4 piece band consisting of the standard guitar, bass, keyboards and drums, their music has a rock vibe to it, with complex drumming and a lot of guitar. It has to be difficult to get a crowd that is completely focused on hearing some classic Genesis to give you a shot. I got to see about 30 minutes of the band, and the crowd seemed to be drawn into the theater to hear these guys. By the end of the performance, the crowd was quite appreciative giving the band a good round of applause. They closed with the self-named track "Fear Of Flying," and I really enjoyed their instrumental music. They also feature vocals (courtesy of bassist Tearle Ashby), and the song that sticks in my head was titled "Windows." I was very impressed by the musicianship, especially that of guitarist Carm Grasso, and the drumming of Tom Occhiogrosso.     

I just purchased your latest CD, More Attempts At Perfection, after seeing the band play before The Musical Box show at Proctors in Schenectady. M.A.A.P. hasn't left the CD player in my car since I received it from CDBaby. Really great stuff! ...Looking forward to seeing you again... Cheers!
A.K. Hays
Prior to last night (7/8/05), I didn't have a fear of flying, but I did have an extreme apprehension of arriving at a concert too early.  Especially when the headliner was a popular, internationally-acclaimed rock group, and the "set-up band," was, well...I didn't even know their name!  Asia was to hit the Double D's stage in Morristown, NJ at 10 P.M., so my friend and I decided to meet there at 9:30.  Fortunately for us, the opening act waited for our arrival before beginning their set!  I learned the name of the group, Fear of Flying, and subconsciously asked myself, "Did Erica Jong start a rock band?  And if so, I guess that means she's still alive!"  Then I saw these four confident male performers with their instruments, and my subconscious began a long hybernation. 
I don't know if I'm different from most rock fans, but I usually have to listen to a song or musician quite a few times before deciding if I like the music.  So I was put in a unique and strange position, when I knew I liked Fear of Flying after listening to a minute of their strong opening song.  This doesn't happen to me...or at least it hadn't, prior to Friday night.  The group began with a long instrumental intro that had a full, powerful sound.  Closing my eyes, I would have thought I was listening to a well-established, highly-talented rock/progressive rock band with a worldwide following of millions of fans.  However, with my eyes open, I saw four unfamiliar figures playing confidently on stage, to little fanfare during the song.  After several minutes, the lead singer (I didn't even know if they had one!), added his voice to the beautiful blending of sound.  His first few notes were less than strong; it turned out that he had a cold and probably should not have sung at all, but he didn't want to miss this great opportunity to open for the legendary band.  I think bass guitarist/lead singer, Tearle Ashby, got caught up in the excitement, because his voice quickly discovered a rejuvenation of energy and  quality.  And his guitar work, combined with that of Carm Grasso, created a terrific wealth of sound, which was accentuated by the versatility of highly skilled keyboard player, Mark Occhiogrosso, and the energetic gusto and talent of drummer, Tom Occhiogrosso. (Mark and Tom must have met at an international Occhiogrosso conference!)  At the conclusion of the lengthy initial song, the band received a very favorable response from the sparse, but growing and attentive crowd.  The audience reaction increased in intensity with each number that followed.  I think there was a sense in the air that this was a special moment for the musicians and the first-time listeners of their unique sound.  Fear of Flying played quite a few songs from their two, soon-to-be three, cd's.  One selection was dedicated to the fans of prog rock.  Being a progressive rock fan myself (especially, Renaissance and Genesis from the 70's and Porcupine Tree, Marillion and Spock's Beard into the new millenium), I think that all of their songs fit into that musical category.  They all have a complex blend of melodies and instrumentation, and a mature sophistication.  During their set, the band graciously thanked Asia on at least a couple of occasions for the opportunity to play with them.  However, early on in their performance, it became apparent to everyone present that the members of Fear of Flying were right where they belonged!  They completed their set with their wonderful namesake, "Fear of Flying."  Well...Tearle, Mark, Carm and Tom better get over their fear of air transportation quickly, because, judging by their performance Friday night, they should see a considerable amount of long distance travel in the near future.  By the way, Asia was spectacular, which makes their decision to include Fear of Flying on the bill that much more revealing. 
Guys, thank you for a wonderful musical experience.  I look forward to many more in the years to come.
                                                                                  Morristown, N.J.


"Hi!! I was one of the Site Volunteers @ Saratoga First Nite for your venue & You guys were awesome! I am really glad that I was able to be a part of the event. The amounts of people that were lined up to see you guys was phenominal! We had the 'FULL' sign up on the door for every performance. THANK you for coming out to play for us."

"A New York four piece band," that "pulls plenty of punches, with excellent songs and some clever hooks!"                       

  New Gibraltar Encyclopedia of Progressive Rock

Published on: 3 Nov 2005
I got a four track sampler of More Attempts At Perfection. The tracks included are "shoreline", "a toast to me", "all the kings" and "windows". All four tracks are well written, performed and I consider them to be catchy tunes with a heavy edge. Perhaps the more commercial tracks from bands like Saga and Rush could be considered good references.
I cannot judge of the other eight tracks, but if they are of the same quality, this would make "More Attempts At Perfection" an enjoyable album. Go to the band's website to listen to some music samples and decide for yourself.


"I saw your show at the Bayou in Glennville. I was thoroughly impressed. Being a musician myself, I really appreciated the skill level that you guys displayed. The guitar playing was the best I've seen in a very long time at a live performance. The drummer and the bassist were in sync which made for a very tight, clean sound that was complemented nicely by the keyboards. Catchy riffs that lingered in my head the whole way home. It was worth the drive from East Greenbush. See you at your next gig."                            Derek Gray



 Now an expanded edition of Fear of Flying is back in action, celebrating the release of its great new CD, “More Attempts at Perfection,”  at Northern Lights in Clifton Park,” with  “King’s X.”          



                                                           Greg Haymes :   “ Preview Magazine”




“Fear of Flying opened the show with an hour long set,” that “was tight and polished,”… with; “talented chops.”


                                                           Alan Wechsler :   “Albany Times Union”



“I really enjoyed the show, and to be honest you guys were the first opening act I’ve seen in I don’t know how long that I’ve actually enjoyed. So thanks for an enjoyable set of music, and I’m looking forward to seeing you guys again.


                                               Chris Lawless :   “Open up and say” online magazine



“A band up here called Fear of Flying.. opened for ASIA earlier this month

 and they blew me away. All the members of

ASIA came out from the green room and stood in the crowd when they first

heard the band, and stayed for most of the opening act.”


                                                          Eric Wagner :  Albany N.Y.